Our Story

Initial Offerings was born out of the love of all things monogrammed. This love affair began more than twenty five years ago with collecting vintage silver pieces and linens with other people’s monograms. Today I enjoy bringing my love of all things monogrammed to everyday items and especially love monograms for gift giving.

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Acrylic Block Monogram Acrylic Block Monogram on Greenwich Chain Custom Round Jewelry Case
Acrylic Rimmed Script Monogram on Greenwich Chain Medium Floating Circle Acrylic Monogram Necklace X-Large Travel Case
X-Large Travel Case
Price: $140.00
Acrylic Script Monogram Necklace Grateful Monogram Julia Bag - Pink Oval Train Travel Case
Acrylic Monogram Bracelet - Isobel Block Greek Letters Necklace - Acrylic Custom Cosmetic Bag in 3 Sizes